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Removing Old Email Groups from Your Account

In Google Apps, when you send an email to a user or a group email address, that address is stored (or cached) in your account in a special container called "Other Contacts." Similarly, you may have added some group email addresses to your "My Contacts" container. Last fall, all of our Groups were renamed to follow a standard naming scheme. Because a Group can have only one email address, it is necessary for each of you to "clean up" their personal Google Apps account contacts (if you have not already) to remove these incorrect "cached" addresses to prevent their accidental use and your subsequent frustration when delivery of desired email fails.

This lesson demonstrates how to remove the old Faith Academy Email Groups from your personal Google Apps Account.


In the Fall of 2011, the email groups within the Faith Academy Google Apps system were reconfigured so that the email address followed a specific format and structure. That structure is as follows:

  • g.fa.NameOfGroup - this format is for groups containing members from both campuses
  • g.man.NameOfGroup - this format is for groups containing members from the Manila Campus only
  • g.min.NameOfGroup - this format is for groups containing members from the Mindanao Campus only

As a result of this reconfiguration, you may have old groups appearing in your system when composing email messages. This is because they are "stuck" in your personal contacts within your Google Apps account. Please follow the directions below to eliminate these old groups.

FYI: You can also search for other specific email addresses using the instructions below to locate and remove mistyped email addresses also stuck in your account.

Log into Google Apps

Visit http://webmail.faith.edu.ph and log into your Google Apps account.

Open your Contacts container


From the TOP link bar, click on Contacts (see 1 above). This will open a new tab or window and display your personal Faith Academy Google Apps Account contacts.

Search for the Old Email Groups


When your contacts are displayed, make a search for the Old Email Groups in your account. This can be completed by:
1. In the search box, type the word Group (see 1 above). All our OLD groups had names that started with the word "Group"
2. Click the Search Contacts button (see 2 above)

Note: Other possible ways to search for old groups would be to search for...

  • gman for Manila Campus Groups
  • gmin for Mindanao Campus Groups

Interpreting Search Results


After clicking "Search Contacts" in the previous step, you will be presented with the search results divided into sections, such as My Contacts, Other Contacts, etc.

Select the Old Email Groups to Remove


From the search results, check the box next to each Old Email Group you wish to remove. The Old Email Groups may be identified as follows:

  • Their name: They all started with Group - see red rectangle above
  • Their email address: They all started with g and then the name of the group without any punctuation - see the blue rectangle above

NOTE: Be sure to select any Old Email Group that appears in either your "My Contacts" container or your "Other Contacts" container.

Select the Old Email Groups to Remove


When the Old Email Groups you wish to remove are selected (see blue rectangle above):
1. Click the More menu (see 1 above)
2. Select "Delete Contacts" (see 2 above)

NOTE: Please take care in selecting the contacts to remove. There is no delete confirmation step. Upon clicking "Delete Contacts" the contacts will be removed immediately.

Return to your email or sign out


When you have finished removing the Old Email Groups from your account, you may choose to
1. Return to your "Mail" and continue your work. This is done by closing the Contacts tab (#1 above) or window (not shown) - or -
2. Sign out and do something else (see #2 above)