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Bring Back the Black "GoogleBar"

posted Nov 11, 2013, 12:05 AM by Unknown user
So, how are you enjoying Google's new "App Grid Button?" Well, if you are anything like me, you HATE it. This has slowed me down tremendously as it now takes 2 clicks to access the Google Apps I use all the time. Yuck!

When I work on my computer, it is all about productivity and speed and those extra clicks I now have to make slow me down.

Well, help is here. I found a Chrome Extension today (yes, there was a Firefox plug-in as well...but who uses that slow fox anymore, right?) that allows me to bring back the friendly black GoogleBar at the top of my screens. It's called Proper Menubar. And what's even better is that this extension is somewhat configurable.

Here's the links:
So, here's what you do (in Chrome anyway):
  1. Click the link above to go to the Chrome Web Store and ADD the Proper Menubar extension
  2. Once installed, return to your Gmail window and refresh - BOOM! A black menu bar should now appear

Oh, but wait, it looks really crowded. That's because it comes with a bunch of apps links enabled that you may not want. To change this...
  1. Click the Chrome settings button () in the upper right corner and select SETTINGS
  2. Once in settings, click EXTENSIONS on the LEFT; scroll down till you see Proper Menubar and click the blue OPTIONS link under it

  3. Lastly, use the check boxes in the options screen to show/hide various menu bar links that you want displayed; if you have a Google+ account, simply type your name in the box next to +You to have the menu bar display the personalized version for you (+Tony in my case).


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