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How to insert Non-YouTube Videos Into Google Slides

posted Aug 10, 2016, 5:29 PM by ITS Website   [ updated Aug 10, 2016, 5:29 PM ]
Including videos in your Google Slides presentation can boost your audience’s attention and interest, especially when it provides comedic relief after a few serious slides. It’s a piece of cake to include a YouTube video in your slide however, what if your video is not available in YouTube? Here is a quick work-around to show you how to include any mp4 file in your Google Slides presentation.
To insert a non-YouTube video:
  • Find the mp4 file you want to include in your slide in your Google Drive.
  • Take a screenshot of the video to serve as a hyperlink placeholder to your mp4 file.
  • Go back to Google Slides, and find the slide you want to add the video link to.
  • Insert the screenshot you just took.
  • Downsize the screenshot as you see fit for your slide.
  • Select the screenshot and insert the hyperlink.
    • You can do this with CTRL + K (on a PC) or Command + K (on a Mac).
  • Paste the shareable link of the mp4 file in Google Drive.
  • Click Apply once you’ve pasted your link.
  • Now, your image is hyperlinked to take the user to the video located in Drive.