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Student Run PD for Staff?

posted Dec 2, 2012, 5:42 PM by Unknown user
Recently, a teacher at Faith sent me a link to a very thought-provoking article about having students run PD for teachers. The article may be found here. With that said, it got me thinking about what "apps" or "tech" would Faith students suggest our teaching staff need to use. What apps or tech do students use that would increase their level of "engagement" if teachers were using these in their instructional programs? While it is easy for me as the ITS Director to think we could be doing more as a school, I am not in a classroom rubbing shoulders with students on a regular basis to know what THEY think would be good tech to use. I also understand the challenge with this due to now always being able to have a computer for each student to use. These are interesting challenges that Faith Academy will face in the next few years. But I hope that it will prompt us now to be thinking about and re-evaluating how we are teaching and how we might be willing to change in order to embrace technology use a bit more as a means of engaging our students in an arena they are completely comfortable with and use daily.