Teacher Dashboard

Teacher Dashboard is a great tool for helping teachers manage the flow of Google Docs within their classroom. I created a short presentation as a quick overview / tutorial on using Teacher Dashboard. It is not intended to be comprehensive by any means but rather just a primer to get a teacher going. Click here to view this presentation; be sure you are logged in with your Faith Academy Google Apps Account to view the presentation.

In March 2015, Teacher Dashboard will be releasing their new TD interface (Teacher Dashboard 2 - real creative huh?). As a result, at some point in March, ITS will upgrade to TD2 and the new interface. Coinciding with this release is the launch of Hapara's Self-Paced Tutorial site geared toward the end-user. I would encourage you to check it out here.

If you'd like to check out the new TD2 interface now, they are in Open Beta mode...which means close to release. You can visit https://www.teacherdashboard.com/#/td and check it out with your classes. Check out this page here to read the release note about the new TD2 interface. It has lots of good stuff.